The Secret of What Vampires Fear Most

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Explore the fears of vampires in popular culture and how they are used to explore themes. From literature, film, television, and video games, learn about what vampires fear such as sunlight and fire, garlic, holy symbols and running water. Also discover other creatures that can threaten them such as werewolves or witches plus their ultimate fear – death or destruction of their own kind.

The Mystery of the Thunderbird: Sightings, Stories and Explanations for this Mythical North American Creature

thunderbird - north american creature - captured - supernatural chronicles

Uncover the mystery of the Thunderbird! Learn about sightings, stories and possible explanations for this mythical creature in North America. Explore Native American stories, colonial reports and modern day sightings. Could extinct creatures be responsible? Is there a biological basis? Are people mistaking other animals or seeing what they want to see? Discover findings & implications for further research.

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