The Mystery of the Thunderbird: Sightings, Stories and Explanations for this Mythical North American Creature

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Uncover the mystery of the Thunderbird! Learn about sightings, stories and possible explanations for this mythical creature in North America. Explore Native American stories, colonial reports and modern day sightings. Could extinct creatures be responsible? Is there a biological basis? Are people mistaking other animals or seeing what they want to see? Discover findings & implications for further research.

The Mokele-Mbembe: Could a Dinosaur-Like Creature Still Roam the Congo?

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For centuries, tales of a mysterious creature known as Mokele-Mbembe have been passed down amongst native tribes in the Congo region. Could this dinosaur-like creature still exist in the remote jungles and swamps of Central Africa? Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey as we delve into the historical accounts of Mokele-Mbembe sightings, investigating […]

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